Handmade Father's Day Presents

On Sunday 19th June we will be championing fathers across the land, so why not make it extra special this year and chose a handmade gift for your dad this year. We bring you 5 must have gifts from some of our favourite craft platforms. So take it easy this year and choose handmade.

  1. Kicking off our list is Harber London, as an avid customer’s ourselves, we cannot help but boast about the quality of these beautiful hand stitched leather goods. To make it extra special why not go for a personalised engraving. Founded by a family run business, it exudes love and passion in each item.
    Harber London | Laptop Case


    Leather key chain | Harber London
    Leather camera strap | Harber London

      Sourced via Harber London


    1. Is your dad all about the attention to detail; is it the little things that make him smile? We have the perfect place, suit accessory specialist Chanchala based in Brighton, discovered by us on Etsy, has a collection of vintage gears from watches, which has been upcycled to cufflinks. There is even a bespoke fox gear pin to match.
    Watch gears cufflinks | Etsy


    Detailed cufflink | Etsy


    Fox pin | Etsy

    Sourced via Chanchala


    1. The office is often neglected, its assumed it’s magically meant to have a work environment feel. With spring rapidly underway and summer rapidly approaching, why not surprise your dad with a limited edition portrait to go above his mantlepiece whether it be for the home or work office. Order our Muhammed Ali portrait with 50% off using the code ali by Friday midday to arrive just in time for Father's Day. 
    Muhammed Ali mini portrait | African décor ideas
    Malcolm X | African décor ideas


    Spike Lee black and white portrait | African décor ideas


    Sourced via Copper Dust 


    1. Every true gentleman must own a pair of Brogues, and if you don’t know your dad’s size ask your mum, if you cant ask your mum, sneak into the house and find out. At Grenson they understand the importance of refinery in the original classic gentleman.
    Grenson Brogues | African décor ideas
    Lucy Grenson | African décor ideas
    Classic brogues Grenson | African décor ideas

    Sourced via Grenson


    1. When buying a watch you must understand the individual’s sense of style, make it extra special by choosing a vintage Wilberforce watch from the heart of Somerset. Each item presents a piece of history, retro yet a staple classic, to any tailored suit.
    Ruhla Vintage Watch | African décor ideas
    Rego Sport Vintage Telemeter Watch | African décor ideas
    Oriosa Vintage Watch with Subdial | African décor ideas

    Sourced via Wilberforce Watches

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    Vanessa Agyemang