Best Indoor Plants And How To Care for Them

Today on our blog we are doing things a little different, we have the pleasure of being surrounded by so many independent brands. We thought why not bring them on, to answer your burning home decor and lifestyle questions. First up we have Franky & Symmy from L'Appartement.

L’Appartement is a plant studio run by Franky and Symmy.

We are two creatives who create character and atmosphere to any space by combining unique indoor plants with furniture, design and architecture. 


1. What are the best low maintenance houseplants? 

Franky: There are so many and to be honest it will depend on the amount of light coming into the space where the plants lie. 

If the plants are in a bright light room, cactus and succulents are best. They need watering every two or three weeks. Now if the room is very low in light, we recommend plants such as Sansevieria (Mother in Law tongue), Zamioculcas Zamiifolia (Zanzibar, ZZ plants) or Chinese Evergreen. They grow well in any environment and require minimal watering or maintenance.


Chinese Evergreen | Best Indoor Plants

 Flower Factory- Chinese Evergreen

2. What tools would you recommend for indoor plants?

Symmy: To maintain and clean your plants we recommend a water can or you can use a bottle of water, a mister or spray bottle especially for fern or plants in dry environment, a cloth to clean the leaves, gloves to handle cactuses and a botanical scissor to remove the dead leaves. 

My secret weapon is a paintbrush! Best tool ever to remove the dust on cacti.

Concrete Planter | Best Indoor Plants

Copper Dust- Ohene Concrete Planter


3. Which plants work well for small living spaces?

Franky:  Unless you are after the urban jungle look, for small spaces you want to avoid bushy plants. They will take away space. Think about something long, simple and elongated like an Alocasia, Aspiridia (Cast Iron) or something colourful such as a Caladium or a Calathea or something striking like a big Kentia Palm. I always play with size, shape and colours no matter the size of the space. 

Alocasia | Best Indoor Plants

Gellert's- Alocasia


4. What are the best indoor plants?

Symmy: It really depends on your taste, your space, the light and the temperature of the room they will be placed. Personally, anything from the philodendron family is always welcome.

Philodendron | Best Indoor Plants

Happy House Plants- Philodendron

5. What plants would you recommend to create a botanical feel on a balcony?

Franky: Neither of us have balconies, unfortunately. But we've seen a lot of balcony inspiration with Ferns, Ivy, Tomatoes and herbs seem to be quite popular. 

Ivy | Best Indoor Plants
Pinterest- Ivy

6. What herbs are easiest to maintain in an apartment?

Symmy: Basil and Mint are very easy and realise a great smell. Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme... also, I rotate mine outside in the summer.


Herbs | Best Indoor Plants

Heart Filled Spaces- Herbs 

7. What plants do you recommend for Autumn?

Franky: Indoor plants are  tropical plants so any plants will do. It’s always nice to bring a bit of green in as it helps with the Summer nostalgia of Autumn  gloomy and humid days.

Best Indoor Plants
World Market

8. How can you get your plants vacation ready?

Symmy: A deep watering the night before or on the day u leave. Unless it’s a cactus or succulent, remove everything in direct sunlight, to avoid drying quickly. For a few weeks, your plants should be ok!


Watering Can | Best Indoor Plants

Food 52


9. What plant would you recommend for someone who's new to gardening?

Franky: Unfortunately, neither of us specialise in outdoor plants or gardening. However I am planning to do my garden and I am thinking about edible flowers. Yes, this is it!... something you can watch growing and eat. 


Edible Flowers | Best Indoor Plants
Edible Flowers- Harvest & Honey

10. What plants would you recommend for a home office? 

Symmy: Something light, small, and a little delicate, like a Calathea, they are very calming, and you will catch them moving throughout the day.


Calathea | Best Indoor Plants
Design Love Fest-Calathea




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