Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas is not far away now and it is a season full of love and affection, to make someone feel special, and lots and lots of presents! But when it comes to presents, the most important thing to get someone really excited is how the present is wrapped. Taking care and adding the extras will make the present seem so much more appealing and the person receiving the gift will definitely see the effort you’ve put into it, appreciating the gift so much more. So this post is to give you some ideas on what you can add to your wrapping skills!

Use special paper:


Special Paper | African style décor

By using your not so typical Christmas wrapping paper, you can make your gift stand out from the rest from under the Christmas tree, and you can add so much more to it too. For example, using a plain or neutral paper, you can contrast it with bright red ribbons etc. Try to pick a theme too so it will be a lot easier to find the things you will need.

Ribbons are a must:

Ribbons | African style décor


What’s a Christmas gift without a ribbon? Ribbons will heighten the excitement when it comes round to opening it, as the person will have to untie the ribbon before ripping the wrapping paper away. Use a colour ribbon that will match the wrapping paper, or contrast against it. Try to use a thicker ribbon if you are not adding any more decorations, or you can experiment with two or more ribbons together, play around with different textures and materials.

Add handwritten name tags:

Nametags | African style décor

Adding a name tag that is handwritten yourself will inevitably make the receiver feel special because it shows how much effort you are putting into this one gift, showing the thought you’ve put into picking out this perfect gift for someone. Adding little comments along with their name will also gain a lot more appreciation.

Attention to detail:

Attention to detail | African style décor

Adding the tiny little details will make all the difference. You could use thistles, bells, and little ornaments that you can attach with a ribbon plus so much more you can choose from. Just be creative and experiment with the placement.

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