Authentic Ghanaian Red Red Recipe

What's been beautiful about going on this food journey with my mother, is discovering how many vegetarian/pescatarian recipes Ghana has in its tool kit and I have to say I'm impressed. Red Red is my sister's favourite stew, beans cooked in rich palm oil with a fresh portion of fried plantain mmm mmm delicious.


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Serves 6

6 Ripe Plantains
3 Scotch Bonnet
100g Black Eye Beans
3 Fresh Mackerel
3 Scotch Bonnet
1 Brown Onion
Palm Oil 500ml
2 Cubes of Cured Fish aka Momoni fish
8 Fresh Plum tomatoes
A Sprinkle of Gari
Sprinkle of Sea Salt
5 Cloves of Garlic
Ghana Zomi Oil (Palm Oil)
3 Shrimp Maggie Cubes
1 Red Onion
2 Large Cups of Olive Oil


Step 1

Pour all the beans into a pot, and add cold water until just above the beans. Place on medium heat for 45 minutes, if the water appears to be reduced add more water. When the water begins to boil add the scotch bonnets.

Step 2

Ask your fishmonger to clean and slice your mackerel into three pieces. Rinse the mackerel and sprinkle sea salt, place in the oven for 45 minutes at 200 degrees.

Step 3

Whilst the fish and beans are cooking thinly dice your garlic, onion, and tomatoes.

Step 4

To check the beans are cooked, squeeze the beans in between your fingers to check they are soft. Sieve the excess water and pour half the beans and scotch bonnets into a mortar and pummel until soft. Leave the other half on the side to use later.

Step 5

Boil the kettle, pour half a cup of water and place the palm oil and leave to melt. Pour the palm oil into a heated dutch pot.

Step 6

Once the oil is hot pour in your diced onions and garlic and allow to cook for 5 mins. Add your cured fish and allow to cook for another 5 mins. Finally, add your sliced tomatoes, and take in all the wonderful aromas. Peel the shrimp maggie cubes into the stew and stir.

Step 7

Once the mackerel has cooled down, shred it and set it aside in a bowl, making sure no bones are present. Add the mackerel into the stew followed by the mashed beans, and stir.

Step 8

Add the unmashed beans to the stew and stir, taste to see whether additional salt is required. Leave to cook for 10-15 mins, and be sure not to overcook the stew. Add the sliced red onion for 5 mins into the final cooking time.

Step 9

Slice the plantain into a bowl and soak it in salty water, ready to be fried. Heat the oil in a pot, when the oil begins to sizzle, slowly place your sliced plantains into the pot, and cook until golden.

Step 10

Dish out your meal and sprinkle a generous amout of gari on the beans and enjoy.


Cured fish (momoni) adds the je ne sai quoi for the extra flavour
Crunchy red onions add extra depth

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