Aztec Collection: Behind the Scenes

Posted on 17 March 2016

2015  was such an incredible year for Copper Dust, it was the first taste entering the luxury home decor market. It was welcomed with opened arms from heavyweights such as Conde Nast publications from Vogue house, Elle Decor and House and Garden to name a few.

With such a successful media invasion, it was difficult to decide which direction to take for the next collection. After much research the initial decision was to follow the tropical trends of banana leaves, unfortunately, as the season was changing from autumn to winter, such prints were no longer available. The idea of having a smaller square lampshade with a mixture of fabric was still high on the agenda. In order to go forward, it was important to take a step back and survey all the options. The trends for SS16, was North African and Mexican prints, were beginning to emerge. With that in mind, the fabric hunting became much easier. Discovering the beautiful polyester Aztec print was the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle, but the design process was just beginning. 

In theory, the concept of using mixed fabrics together sounded and looked easy, but the technical side of production made it challenging. The first task was to identify the base material suitable for the lampshade panel. Silk was the first choice but unfortunately was too soft, not cost effective or widely available.  The hunt to find a high quality and an aesthetically pleasing fabric began. 



The final decision was to go for 100% cotton, during the making of the lampshade panels it was discovered depending on the direction of the grain it would cause air bubbles as the fabric was too stretchy when placed on the adhesive panels. 

Working with an impending deadline, the atmosphere became tense. At this point, the best decision was to step back and find various experts to speak to in different fields to conquer the problem. More hands on deck whilst applying the fabric to the adhesive panels proved to be the best option. Voila, the Aztec collection was born.



With such a time engrossing collection, what would be the best way to introduce the products and create a buzz. As if by magic, the thought of providing lightbulbs with promotional material came to light, enough for people to question why they had received a lightbulb, and lead them to the website to discover more. 

Copper Dust products are also available on Etsy:

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