How to decorate your home for Halloween

Posted on 23 October 2014

Why so serious...

Pineapple Jack O'Lantern


Yes it's the festive time of the year, where we get creative and creepy, without looking like the weirdo next door. Decorating your home, can be fun and easy. You just need a few key details to pull the space together.

1.The pumpkin is a must for any halloween bonanza, why not jazz it up and make it extra scary to freak out your trick/treaters and guests, if you still want to keep it sophisticated create a beautiful display leading to your home of horrors.


Halloween pumpkins   

2.The centrepiece, thats always a tough one, but we love these glitter skulls, in line with the festivities yet remaining bespoke and creating  a great talking point.

 Skulls sourced via pintrest        

3.Don't forget the sweet devilish treats, lacquered black apples reminiscent of Snow White all you have to do is take a bite, be innovative and think outside the box.


Halloween candy 

 4.Why not have your own signature scent in the space, all things sweet and frosty, dim down the lights and add a few yankee candles around the space. Want to go the extra mile get some old wine bottles and drip them in candle wax.


Yankee candle Autumn Leaves


5.If you're like us and your not feeling to dig up the costume you wore two years ago, just go crazy with makeup, definitely sure to scare the living daylights out of anyone.


Halloween makeup sourced via pintrest


Happy Halloween 

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