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Posted on 10 March 2015

Copper Dust Market Stall

In celebration of our first market stall at the Designers Makers Market at Old Spitalfields on Saturday 21st of March 2015, we are bringing you 5 hot tips to set up the best stall. Putting together an innovative stall that is beautifully crafted can be hard work, so we have put together key areas to draw your customers attention and interact with your products.

1. The first thing that draws most people attention is a sign, that means the logo and branding of the business, it gives an insight into what they could potentially be shopping for. Handmade up-cycled products are always a bonus, as it shows a personal touch.



2. So you have created a beautiful sign to attract your customers, now the question remains, is your your display branded to match your business?  Does your stall stand out from the others? well here are a few ideas.



3. This goes without saying the quality of your products has to be second to none. Think about the finishing treatment, protecting the products from changing climates, so it can be displayed and sold at its best.



4. Remember to be innovative with displaying your products, thats one of the reasons people come to craft fairs to see beautifully handmade products that cant be purchased anywhere else.


Jewellery display


5. Finally always remember less is more, clean clutter free display's, give the perception of space, whilst remaining sleek and minimal easy on the eye. 





We can't wait to see on the 21st March at the Designers Makers Market Old Spitalfields 11am-5pm

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