Easter Getaways

Posted on 30 March 2015

Easter Getaways


Here at Copper Dust, we love spring, it's a time to spring clean the home. Clocks go forward, days become brighter and of course, summer is on the horizon. Perfect time to plan an Easter getaway, so kick back and relax and prepare your holiday of a lifetime. 

Kicking off the list is Cornwall, don't fancy straying too far from home, but need a break from city life then this is the perfect spot for you, and of course its home to the Eden Project, the largest indoor rainforest in the world.

1. Weather in April is 8 degrees.

2. The largest coastline in Great Britain 433 miles

3. Surfers hot spot.

4.Famous for Ice Cream explains why they are harbouring 75,000 cows

5. The Cornish pasty is worth £150 million a year to the Cornish economy. 



Why not take a train ride or a short flight to Brussels and be immersed in an entirely new culture, after all, it is home to the Atomium.

1. Weather 9 degrees in April.

2. Major trader of beer, waffles and chocolate.

3. More castles per sqm than any other country in the world.

4. Brussels international airport is the worlds largest chocolate selling point.



Fancy the sun, the Mediterranean is always a good escape and still remains within Europe and boasts countless islands to enjoy we bring you Sicily. The home of the Godfather trilogy what more could you want. 

1. Weather is 12 degrees in April.

2. The largest volcano in Europe

3.The largest opera house in Europe.

4.The largest island in the Mediterranean, 600 miles of coastline.

5. Elaborate processions and parades in easter. 



The Caribbean, its always on the top list of most, but have you ever thought about visiting the Cayman Islands? Well if you need some Vitamin D, and love sea life this is the one for you. 

1.Weather in April is 26 degrees.

2. The turtle farm is home to 16,000 green sea turtles. 

3. Over 159 dive sites.

4. Residents pay no income tax.

5. American and Cuban crocodiles are native to the islands


Cayman Islands turtle

Cayman Islands beach

Cayman islands crocodile

Fancy an American city, but you've exhausted all the other hot spots? Well, New Orleans is the one for you, full of French and Creole culture its a city enriched in fun and thick with heritage.

1. Weather is 21 degrees in April.

2. Largest super dome in the world.

3. Known for its delicious creole food.

4. The city that founded jazz.

5. Famous for Mardi Gras.



Fancy something completely different, feeling spontaneous, well then we highly recommend a trip to the unusual city of Tokyo.

1. Weather is 14 degrees in April.

2. Beautiful Mount Fiji.

3. Fashion forward fashionistas.

4. Tokyo is super clean.

5. Cheap healthy food is everywhere. 



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