3 Table Setting Ideas For Home

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As we pull into the last of the summer months, why not indulge in some table dressing tips, to make your guests say ooooOOOO. Besides, it makes the food look extra tasty. Here are our top tips for dressing your table.


1. Set The Scene

Table cloth or no table cloth, in this instance we say yes to the table cloth. It set's the tone for the rest of the arrangement. It also works as a background colour. You can go one of two ways a plain neutral palette, which then means you can go for bold prints on the rest of the detailing or a bold print table cloth for a more muted table arrangement.


African style decorated homes


2. Layer It Up

Creating different dimensions makes the arrangement dynamic, this will naturally occur when using plates and bowls. Another way to achieve this is to choose a bold print plate and pair it with a neutral bowl that creates the illusion of more space and brings drama to the table.


Noritake Australia | African style decorated homes 


3. Contrast Prints & Patterns

Contrasting prints and patterns are always a good idea, especially when you introduce a botanical touch. Breaking up the table with greenery or metallic of the cutlery is a great way to play with the idea of colour. This creates a unique table arrangement for your home.


Copper Dust flatlay | African style decorated homes

First two images sourced via Pinterest

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Concrete planters: By Crete & Co available from Copper Dust 

African print table cloth: Deptford Market

African ceramic bowl: Made in Ghana

Marble coasters: Made.com

Plates: Sainsbury

Bowls: Habitat

Water glass: Ikea

Wine glass: Ikea

Cutlery: Ikea




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