3 Vertical Garden Ideas

Having an outdoor garden is pretty hard, with all the maintenance it requires. Especially if you live in the city, space can be a big factor. Vertical gardens allow you to add a variety of plants in your home-diverse sizes and influence the whole home to appear to be fresh and outdoorsy, while not taking up additional space. Here are a few ideas on how to create your own vertical garden, that makes your home space more unique and fits within your constraints!

1. Tiered Vertical Plant Stand

A tiered plant stand is perfect if you want an indoor garden. Get an old wooden step ladder/shoe rack or purchase an already made wooden tiered stand and spray paint it your favourite colour! This A-line frame design allows you to stack several plants in one space, allowing a nice variety of flora and fauna. The ideal plants to suit this stand would be herbs like basil or parsley (since it’s indoor, it’s easily accessible from the kitchen) as well as succulents such as the jade plant and echeveria. This stand also allows you to grow leafy vegetables such as lettuce. Shop our range of handmade concrete planters here


Vertical Stand | African style décor

 Growing Tomato

2. Hanging Garden

If you live in an apartment with a balcony or have high ceilings, a hanging garden might be just the right fit for you. This will add some colour and life to your apartment, without taking up any of your floor space! Some basic essentials to build this garden include threaded eye bolts, S hooks, plant pots with one drain hole, rope/threaded rod and scrap wood, depending on which kind of look you prefer. Since it’s spring and summer is quickly coming around the corner, why not dress your hanging garden up with some begonia or fuchsias? If you’d like, you can also switch it them out for some pansies and violets in autumn and winter.


Hanging Garden | African style décor

Co Namestaj 


Get the look

Hanging Planter | African style décor

Wild Mazuna, Etsy

Chris Curly Spider Plant, Patch 

3. Trellis planter

Have some scarce backyard space? Why not try out a trellis planter? All that’s really needed to build a trellis are some long pieces of strapping wood, bamboo, wire or and some lashing cord/nails and hooks. A trellis planter is perfect for complimenting your garden as well as your practical needs. If you have plain walls, the plants help to cover the dull area making it aesthetically pleasing to the eye. In addition to creating a decorative space to grow foliage, it also helps to create a privacy barrier. Because you can hang up plant pots trellis planters are extremely versatile, making it easy to switch out plants to suit the seasons. Try out planting some Clematis in spring and Jewel of Africa Nasturtium in summer, opting out for Winter-flowering camellia during the colder season.


Trellis Planter | African style décor


What is your favourite indoor gardening idea? Let us know in the comments


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