Vanessa Agyemang

Posted on May 16 2018

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Your garden is an extension of your home, If you design your space well with a conservatory or decking, you will be able to use it throughout the year, not only the summer months.


1. Balcony Garden

Get a quaint upcycled garden table, with chairs, don't worry about trying to match the furniture. Hang some beautiful botanical plants such as succulents and cacti, on the rail. Another good idea is to hang a herb rack, not only does it look good it smells good, and you can use your herbs to add some flavour to the BBQ.


2. Revamp/Paint

If you love your garden, the way it is but it's just in need of some of TLC, why not consider giving the shed a fresh coat of paint. Get some new cushion covers for the garden furniture. Rearranging furniture and updating the pot plants is a great way to restyle your space.




3. Lighting

As the days get longer, you will have that beautiful hue of the sunset, to continue partying into the night can add some great lighting details. Lanterns create a magical experience, you can go vintage and mix and match or keep it simple with neutral metals. You can also section one area off and mount wall lights, to make the space more intimate.



4. Vertical Planter

Looking for something unusual, how about a vertical planter. It takes up less space and can work as a privacy wall, from prying neighbours. It will give something for your guests to talk about.



5. Ceiling Space

If your running out of space on the floor and you have the means to, please please utilise the ceiling. It makes space look larger with more depth, and creates the wow factor when people walk in.


Ceiling Plants



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