5 Must Buys For Your New Home

There is nothing like the glow of a new home, it signifies new beginnings creating a new chapter to grow into space and build memories, with that being said we share with you our top 5 must bus for your new home.


Kicking off the list is the essential of any home..... the sofa, it can make or break a space. It needs to be a timeless piece that can grow with the home with minimal maintenance. Some of our favourite sofa places include SofaCult Furniture and Swoon. 


Scott Made | Modern African home décor



2.Coffee Table

The role of a coffee table is to bring the living or dining space together, whilst also being the home of decorative pieces and additional storage. Timeless pieces can be found in your local vintage store or if you're looking for something more modern and contemporary, give Made.com a try. 



Manuka Swoon | Modern African home décor



3.Classic Kitchen Clock

In this age of technology, we sometimes lose touch with having the quintessential classics in our home. You can never go wrong with a beautifully designed wall clock, and if your home can handle it the bigger the better, some of our favourite styles come from the brand Zuvier.

Zuvier | Modern African home décor


4.Built-in Wardrobe

What is life without a well-organised wardrobe, opening the doors to a freshly built wardrobe has to be high on top of the list? No matter what you opt for, it's worth investing it needs to grow with your home, as well as your wardrobe, keep an eye out for our video when we pimped out a basic Ikea unit to become a beautiful customised wardrobe.


Fitted Wardrobe | Modern African home décor

Image taken from Living Etc



Investing in a good quality mattress, will give you a better night's rest and put a spring in your step for a well rounded day. Sleep is so important and the older you get, it seems the less time you have for it. Based on public review the Emma & Simba mattress is high on the list for exceptional quality and customer service. 



Simba Mattress | Modern African home décor



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