5 Product Photography Tips

Posted on 17 October 2016

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Starting a new e-commerce business is easy, but getting customers to actually buy your products is difficult as we are often sceptical when purchasing from a new businesses online. Therefore, having great product shots will not only help sell your product, but will give your customers a sense of brand awareness, professionalism and gives them an idea of how the product will fit well within their own environment. So let’s kick off with our five top tips for taking great product shots:


Sharp & focus

Your product shot must clearly show what you are selling, the photo must be sharp and show the true colours of the product as accurately as possible as you don’t want customers to be dissatisfied. Try to avoid borders or adding filters as this can be distracting and affect the overall effectiveness of the shot. Take photos that are close up and at a distant too as you want your product shot to still look good when cropped to a square (this crop is usually used for Instagram, Folksy and Etsy shop).


Clear shot details


Help your customers imagine how your products would look in their home or on themselves by finding a fitting backdrop or create your own. The key thing to look for is a place with good natural lighting as artificial light can give photos a yellow tinge that you want to avoid. Think about introducing some texture to your backdrop that will compliment your product. Try to use similar backdrops in all your product photos as this will help you develop a signature style and build a brand identity your customers will identify with.

Here are some ideas you could use as a backdrop:



Gather a selection of props that compliments your products. Think carefully about the details and how you can emphasis the ethos of your brand and make your product more desirable. You can also style for the seasons by using seasonal flowers or hues in your photos.

Here are a few good examples:



When taking your photos, use a tripod and always take it from different angles. By doing so, your product may look much better at a certain angle.

Angles Palm tree lampshade


Edit your photos, but avoid editing your photos too much. You can easily adjust the exposure to brighten up the image, retouch anything that is districting or crop the image.


All images are sourced on Pintrest and can be found on our boards:


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    Much Appreciate! Very Helpful Article. Check out Post-Processing Tips this topics http://bit.ly/2gTtFsR & Help for Beginners.

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