5 Things To Declutter Your Home In 2020

If you are reading this it means you've made through a shiny new era, pat yourself on the back, you've survived you made it, now it's time to bring some of that positive energy to your home. Here are our top 5 tips to create the best Feng Shui, this 2020.



Yes... the dreaded C word you guessed it clothes, now is the perfect time to dig into the dark depths of your wardrobe. Now the rule of thumb is if you haven't worn the item in the last two years, or it still has a clothing tag the chances are you're not going to wear it any time soon, so do the right thing and donate to charity.

Declutter Wardrobe | African style décor

Image sourced via Azari Architects


2.Kitchen Cupboards

How much of the dry foods and spices in your kitchen cupboard do you use? Be honest, the ones at the back haven't come to the front for a while, in which case it means they're expired. The Tupperware containers that have missing lids have to go, free the cupboards let there be light and space. 


Kitchen organisation | African style décor

Image sourced via Hunker



This is a cross over, decluttering your emails for your mental wellbeing is an excellent way to start the New Year, you don't need to be subscribed to over 20 million emailers overfilling your inbox. Start small and slowly work your way through, you will feel so much better at the end.

Declutter inbox | African style décor


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4. Old Gadgets

We all have a drawer or cupboard that is filled with relics from the 90s that needs to be untangled, do the environment a favour and do a quick search online (or click here) to find your nearest recycling centre or how much you can get for it sold online. 


Fresh Home | African style décor


Image sourced via Pinterest

5.Handbag Declutter

Depending on how often you change between handbags, there is nothing like a good old handbag declutter, which involves getting rid of old receipts, cutting up old cards, going through your travel makeup bag, to be honest, this one we recommend at least once a month. 

Handbags | African style décor

Image sourced via Pinterest

So there you have it our top 5 tips for clearing out your home and getting the right energy this 2020. If you're looking for more ideas read Interior Design Ideas here

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