5 Tips For Trade Show Displays

Posted on 25 August 2016

5 Tips For Trade Show Displays


In celebration of our first trade show at Top Drawer, Kensington Olympia stand H-B13 on 11 – 13th September 2016; we are bringing you five top tips to set up the best trade show displays. Exhibiting at a trade show is not as easy as it looks, as you will be competing with other exhibitors to visually invite customers to your booth. So we have put together key areas that will get customers to interact with your products.


Professional Signage

First thing that draws most people’s attention is a sign, which means your sign needs to be easy to read from afar. It should represent your brand to give insight into what they could potentially be shopping for. It should be consistent throughout so customers can recognise your logo even after the show. Try to include signs that will grab attention to an exclusive product or new collection.




Lighten Up

The exhibit areas typically have little natural light with arrays of exhibitors that makes the show visually busy. Stick with lighter background colours to make your booth light and bright to stand out like a breath of fresh air. Avoid cluttered displays to give space for each product to shine.


Lighten up

Invest Wisely

There are a variety of display formats you can choose from, from aluminium structures, mural pop-ups to reception counters – the list is endless. Try to be methodical about the type of display to best compliment and showcase your products, as your products should be the focal point when a customer enters your booth. Remember that being economical might not pay off in the long run.




Free Flowing

Don’t block the front of your booth with tables and shelves, as it will look like a barrier. Keep the front open to make it easier for traffic to flow into your space.


Free flow


Plenty of Business Cards

It may sound out dated, but business cards really do work when a customer is interested but may not be ready to place an order there and then. Handing these out will not only makes you look very professional, but it increases your chances of getting new customers after the show.


Business cards


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