Africa Utopia

Posted on 03 August 2017

Africa Utopia Southbank Centre


Since our first trade show last year at Top Drawer, we have since thrown ourselves in many more events to engage one to one with our customer's. Most recently we took part in Africa Utopia in the Southbank Centre, to showcase our latest City Collection.


We was not given a choice for our stand, which worked as a double edged sword, it was an opportunity for each brand to be given equal exposure. However we later found out that area's and days of participation were selected based on how many times, you have taken part in the show previously and brand recognition, which would have been helpful to know in hindsight. As always plan the layout out of your stand beforehand, this ensures you execute a great stand with minimal stress. Set up was scheduled 3 hours before opening to the general public, which was more than enough time to be up and running. Just before opening a safety check was done on each stand. What would have been handy, if the wifi details had been avaliable on each stand upon arrival.


Vanessa with stand



Set up was relatively stress free, it took a bit of time to find exactly where to unload, but after asking around we was directed to the right place. One of our golden rules, is to never scrimp on detail, this paid off as many people complimented us on on our attention to detail. 


Detail 2





As with most of our events, our main goal, was to strike an initial relationship with potential buyers and generate interest in the brand. With the goal of increasing our mailing list, or at the most to leave with some information about the brand. We created a mailing list to capture 40 email addresses, as we were only there for a day. In hindsight, it would have been better to download the Mailchimp app, so people could directly add their details to the mailing list rather than us transferring the detail's manually, but it is all apart of the learning process. Learning from Top Drawer we reduced our overall print marketing.




The atmosphere of Africa Utopia was electric, so many activities happening at the same time, which meant there was a little slice of Africa for everyone, from food to fashion. With all these activities, the footfall  was absolutely incredible. Despite our positioning, within the first half an hour we had already sold a customised lampshade (always triple check your card machine actually works). The traffic flow to our stand was continuous, we ran out of business cards, leaflets (maybe increase print marketing slightly). Our mailing list increased by triple the amount we aimed for. We were so overwhelmed with responses from people, wanting to know more about the brand.

"best stand"     "attention to detail"   "different"

Africa Utopia laughter

 Africa Utopia atmosphere



Pack, a packed lunch 

Have someone to cover social media content

Stay hydrated

Schedule a rota to man the stand 

Check all electronic paying systems are working prior to the event


Overall we would highly recommend Africa Utopia, excellent value for money, well organised. Improvements we would like to see for next year is more marketing in general of the event, and to showcase brands participating across all platforms. A big thumbs up from the Copper Dust team. 


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