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Three weeks into the new years, you've finally taken down the Christmas decorations. You're feeling great because you're on track with your new year resolutions. You now turn your attention to your space, what can you do to declutter the space, to make it fresh and open. Reorganising a space and providing fresh ideas is a great way to balance your well-being. We have listed our five top tips, to help create the space you want.


Kitchen Storage

Having an organisation in the kitchen is a must, as the years go by somehow you acquire lots of Tupperware as well as pots and pans. Get creative and utilise the space, sand down an old wooden ladder, make it rustic, then hang a few of your pots. To get really creative, why not hang fresh dry herbs, alongside your pots, giving a beautiful aroma in the kitchen.

Kitchen Shelving | African style decorated homes



Every home needs shelving, turn your shelving into a work of art. With an eclectic mix of ornaments to highlight the space. For more shelf inspiration check out our blog post here.

Shelving | African style decorated homes


Tonal Greys

Whether your space is small or large, using tonal greys to style your space, can give the illusion that space is much bigger than it is.

Tonal Greys | African style decorated homes


Bold Furniture

Now that you have mastered the art of using tonal greys. now it's time to create maximum impact and inject some colour, with statement-furniture. 

Bold Furniture | African style decorated homes

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This is a great site for anyone looking for interior decoration ideas. There is a wide range of ideas to choose from and the site is easy to navigate. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking for inspiration for their next interior design project.

Maq Lee February 24, 2023

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