Vanessa Agyemang

Posted on November 18 2017


I must admit NYC is one of my favourite metropolitan cities to visit, I've had the pleasure to go twice and each experience is completely different from the other. Known as the Big Apple it is populated with over 8 million New Yorkers excluding tourists, who flood the city every year.


Rockefeller Centre


Brownstone Brooklyn

On my latest adventure, I went with my design hat on, as I was sourcing boutique stores, who would be interested in stocking the Copper Dust brand. It was through this experience I was able to discover new areas such as Bushwick and the brownstone apartments of Brooklyn. Unlike my usual blog posts, I wanted to do something a little different. The images of NYC speak for itself, feel free to dive into the images and take a slice of the Big Apple.




All images are copyright of Copper Dust


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