Our Top 5 Room Decorating Ideas

It's a fun and exciting process to decorate a room. But because there are a lot of design ideas to choose from, it can sometimes get a little overwhelming.
A lot of people might be wondering, how can they create a perfect home office, living room, kitchen, or beautiful bedroom? There are a lot of design elements at play such as the furniture pieces, accent chairs, lighting, decor items, and colour palette. How can they pull this off together? It's alright to feel all these because it’s part of the process.

The first step, is to start small by researching all about colour schemes, bedroom ideas, bedroom décor, living room design ideas, and design inspiration as well as step-by-step guides.

So, in this blog, we are going to share our top 5 designer room decorating ideas to help you add character and style to your space without the overwhelm.

Let’s get into it!

1. Coffee table décor

One important design element in a room is the coffee table. The coffee table plays a central, yet somewhat subtle role in a space. It is not the wow factor in any interior design composition but somehow, a room can’t look complete without it.

What’s fascinating about decorating tables is that décor enthusiasts can add their personal style by simply choosing accessories and structuring the décor items to achieve balance, proportion, and coherence.

There are different ways to decorate a table. People can look for design inspiration and add their own touch. They can add stylish modern planters to create a modern contemporary feel.

Another way is by placing books. Books make the coffee table look more natural and personalised. When styling a coffee table, it is very important to think of balance and proportion. It’s not visually appealing when the coffee table is crowded with stuff.

One way to achieve proportion is by creating layers. It adds style and visual texture to the table. Do this by carefully selecting items to decorate. Place stacked books preferably a maximum of three books, paired with a scented candle or diffuser, and a decorative object.

Decorating with small planters such as cacti or succulents, plants and florals like tulips, peonies, or hydrangeas would also look fantastic.

Styling a coffee table is a great way to spruce up the room. It completes the furniture pieces in the living room. Adding that extra charm in little details can really make a difference.

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2. Soft Furnishings to decorate your room

Of course, when talking about room decorating, it’s not possible not to include soft furnishings. Soft furnishings are those fluffy throw pillows with interesting colour and pattern designs. Adding cushions and throw pillows is a great way to create layers and texture to the sofa. It makes the space feel cozy and warm. It also adds a pop of colour and pattern to the room.

To introduce contrast against a neutral-coloured sofa, throw in those colourful pillows and cushions into the scene.
To get a feel of how this vibrant pop of colours will look when decorating rooms, have a look at Copper Dust throw pillows right here.

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These pillows have an interesting pattern and can be paired in two different ways. It creates a stark contrast against a muted background which makes it so stylishly intriguing.

There are a lot of options to choose from. You can go with a richer tone or darker tone. It depends on the paint colour of the room and the mood that home owners want to create. The most important thing is knowing how to pair the colours together and make it work.

3. Decorate your room with Plants

Another great way of bringing the home décors to life is by adding plants. I myself have recently become a plant mum. It’s a little bit challenging but it’s also very fulfilling. Those who live in rental spaces who want to add a bit of vibrancy and organic feel to their home, or want to spruce up their apartment on a budget, they can never go wrong with plants.

There are many ways on how to decorate with plants. They can opt for a minimalist look where they can place individual potted plants in certain areas of the house or they can also go for a more jungle feel if they really want to kind of bring the nature in.

Having plants indoors improves the air quality of the home. Scientific studies have proved that plants are beneficial to the health and wellbeing. Interior designers are always highlighting the importance of plants in the interior space because it lessens stress and anxiety, making the people living in the house feel calmer and more relaxed.

Having a green thumb or not, we highly encourage decorating room with plants. You can choose to become a plant parent, and sooner or later you are going to see the benefits of having a healthy dose of plant life in your home.

House plants | African style decorated homes
Image by: Inanc Avadit

4. Decorate your room with Built-in bookcase

What is so beautiful about the bookcase is that it can be used as a decorative storage space.  Those who are lucky to have a beautiful Victorian-style home, they’re most likely to find alcoves next to the fireplace. That is the perfect opportunity to decorate the room with a bookcase and add character to the space.

If there are shelves in the home office, or in the bedroom, it’s not very creative to leave them bare and boring and stuff them with a lot of books and some random items. Instead, decorate them in a way that creates an accent. Paint them to match the colour palette of the room or make it a focal point.

Decorating a bookcase is the same as decorating a coffee table. Decorators need to be mindful of creating balance and proportion. Also, avoid making your bookcase look crowded and disorganised. Look for ideas on how to mix décor items cohesively. For example, lean in a few books on a shelf and pair it with a low accessory - may it be a ceramic-filled bowl, a vase, a planter, or a decorative figurine.

Colourful Bookshelf | African Style Décor
Image by Luisa Brimble

5. Lighting: decorate your room with ambiance

A well-executed lighting design transforms the space. It makes the interior look sophisticated and luxurious. Lighting is one of the most crucial elements of interior design because it can either make or break the space.

For creating an ambience that’s a bit more subtle, a large oversized lampshade with a neutral tone and a neutral base is preferable. And when decorating with lighting fixtures, think about symmetry because it’s easier on the eye.

To create a feeling of grandeur or a wow factor, go for hanging pendants, chandeliers, and lampshades. We have exquisite handmade lampshades that’s definitely worth checking out. It has an exciting colour and pattern design that draws attention. It’s a great addition to any space.

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When choosing lighting fixtures, think about what is the function or what is the mood perfect for that particular room. To create a beautiful bedroom for example, add ambient lighting for a relaxed, subtle glow. For kitchen and home office, opt for task lighting that beams the light unto a certain area such as the counters and desk.

Decorating a room is a task that needs not to be perfect when done. It’s a continuous process. There is no perfect step-by-step guide on how to create a beautiful room.

In the future, home owners are going to want to add something when they find a lovely décor piece, or they might want to change their style a bit and do a little experiment with paint colour.

Decorating rooms to make the house feel more like home really is a fun and enjoyable process. It can be a bit challenging for those who are new to decorating. But the fun part is having the freedom to execute their personal style and create their dream home.

Do you have any questions about decorating your room book a free discovery call today? Drop a comment  below and let’s talk about your home decorating goals!


This is a great list of ideas for anyone considering a home renovation. We especially love the idea of using wallpaper to add a pop of color to any room. Thank you for sharing!

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