Running a market stall 6 tips

Posted on 27 October 2018

Greenwich Market


I can't believe its been 3 years since I wrote my last blog post about market stalls, and it's still one of our most popular post's. That why I'm here to give you the updated version. Most of it is still relevant, just a few new points to add along the way.

1. Signage
I can't stress how important it is to have good signage, its one of the first things people see when approaching your stall. Make sure it's eye-catching and it's clearly written for all to see. Take note of what type of market you're in, as we're based in Greenwich which is more of a crafty affair. We had a beautifully etched wooden sign made, to give us the edge.

Copper Dust sign

2. Less is more
I made the disastrous decision of over packing, not because I didn't know, what I wanted to showcase, I just had this fear of not having enough. Which is very unlike me. To combat this I would say pack twice when I mean pack twice, pack the day before, then come extra early the next day and mentally pack with a checklist that way you're covered.

Market close up

3.Transport Logistics
I was ready to rock and roll, my studio can sometimes be tricky to find, but being organised and well ahead of time I was relaxed.... wrong. My cab cancelled three times and it turned into a disaster. I would recommend organising transport from the day be before to be booked, and then organising a backup plan, in case all else fails.


4.Social Media
If you plan to be at a market consistently for a period of time, I would recommend every now again bringing someone along with you to do your social media. For example, going live is great, especially if you have international customers. They can feel they are part of the day, filming and explaining new collections is also a great way to engage with your audience whilst at the market, lets them know what they are missing out.

Greenwich Market

Bare in mind what time of the year it is, for example, if you just started going into Autumn people are going to be thinking candles, blankets and lighting. What accessories in your collection will do better at different times of the year?

Tribe canvas art

When your so engrossed in making sure your stall looks great, you sometimes forget there are others around you, who are seasoned professionals or fretting as just as much as you are. So pause take a break and network, could lead you to your next best thing.



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