My Favourite Galleries Spots in Ghana


My Favourite Galleries Spots in Ghana

I’ve spent so much of my childhood in Ghana. My life there was filled with epic and unforgettable memories that I will always cherish wherever I go. Ghana always has a soft spot in my heart. Every time I go back, there’s always this exciting feeling of arriving and finally being home. Ghana is home. 

Everything is familiar yet intriguing at the same time because my heart knew that there were still amazing things waiting to be discovered. Ghana is dynamic and full of energy, filled with a nation of warmth, great food, and great parties. But on this trip, I wanted to connect with the rich culture in the art that has inspired me over the years. So, here, I will be sharing my four favourite Gallery Spots in Ghana. 

Experience my two most favourite things, Ghana and Art, in this blog as I talk about these Galleries. 


Gallery 1957

Set in the heart of the Kempinski hotel, this space manages to be effortlessly cool, featuring resident artists as well as hosting their Yaa Asantewaa prize. On my visit, they were exhibiting Naila Opiangah, focusing on the female form in brush strokes of deep olive green and navy. A strong sense of serenity washes over you as you take in the complete work. Something incredibly grounding allows you to be still in that space. 

You can find more info about the gallery here:


Gallery 1957 | Modern African home décor


Nubuke Foundation

This gallery took my breath away. As I walked up the pebbled road, I didn’t know what to expect. I went in with a very open mind, and boy, did it scream the wow factor. This purpose-built gallery is simply breathtaking, and every tiny detail has been thought about to maximise your experience and celebrate the resident artist. I loved it so much that I created a reel! Check it out on my Instagram page ( ) I was lucky enough to see the exhibition Make We Dance by Cecilia Lamptey-Botchway. The space felt like it was alive through the movement of dance.


Nubuke Foundation has acted as a focal point for culture and the arts in Ghana, promoting the work of emerging, mid-career, and established artists. The gallery strives to increase everyone's access to and respect for the arts, culture, heritage, and history. 

What I love most about Nubuke Foundation is the expansive grounds where you can unwind and have a relaxing time at their café while admiring the overall ambiance of the place. 

More information can be found here:


Nubuke Foundation | Modern African home décor


Amba Gallery

What I love about the Amba gallery is that I found it by chance after wandering out of Gallery 1957. I was told there was another gallery further ahead. What drew me in was the warm earthy tones of vibrant greens and reds set against a background of burnt umber. The space is filled with statues and sculptures, bringing African storytelling alive. As you take it all in, you can feel the enrichment in your soul. Each intricate carving and large-scale structure tells a unique story. 

You talk about the purpose of the space and find more information here:


Amba Gallery | Modern African home décor


Omanye Gallery

Lastly, set on the beachfront of Labadi is the Omanye Gallery. As you walk in, you’ll be greeted by a cool sea breeze with a subtle taste of salt. What I loved about this space was that it felt like a never-ending cave, filled with goodies on each flow. Hundreds and hundreds of works are set on three floors. My only disappointment is that I wish the work could be curated better and celebrate the rich influence of each artist's work. From what I saw, I fell madly in love with the artists' works. From the textures to the patterns, you felt like you were in the depths of Ghanaian contemporary art.

Omanye Gallery | Modern African home décor


You can find more information about the space here:


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