Modern Style House

Definition: Modern design is a broad term, but it often consists of clean crisp lines, a simple colour palette. Materials are usually glass, steel and cotton. The ethos of design is to have simplicity at its core, nothing should be too fussy.


1.Do you love statement lighting?

2.Do you avoid clutter like the plague?

3.You like classic design, but always want to take it one step further.

4.Your go to palette is grey, nudes and black.

5. You're a lover of style and accessories, and believe they should be seen.


If you have answered yes to all 5 questions, then you have the mind of elegance and modern design.


Let us help you create that look here.

Modern Design


“Our products are a celebration of our dual heritage: strong Ghananian roots paired with British craftsmanship.”

Vanessa Agyemang