Creating the perfect design scheme is crucial if you've looked through our extensive range and can't find what you are looking for. We are happy to work with a fabric you have sourced. To request a quote or discuss in further detail, please email or contact 07821712602.


What fabric is recommended?

We strongly recommend using linen, cotton, silk or satin offer the best quality for a finished project. Avoid using heavy material as it's difficult to work with and may not give the desired results.

Is there an additional fee?

An additional fee will be added this covers an administration and any additional time that is taken to produce a fabric we do not usually work with, this service is not refundable. 

How much fabric will I need?

Depending on the lampshade style or canvas size you choose, a minimum of 1.5 metres in length and 35cm in width will be required, any material left over will be sent back to you or sent to be upcycled with our offcuts. If you have a fabric with a repeating pattern it's not always possible to get a seamless finish, please be aware of this. 

How long will it take?

Our customised orders take a minimum of 3 weeks but are dependent on the project. 


How to place an order

1. Please specify the quantity you require

2. Choose the style of lampshade you want i.e. double tier, empire or drum lampshade.

3. Choose what size lampshade you would like

4. Choose your interior lining i.e white, gold, champagne, silver.

5. Describe the fabric you wish to use

6. Would you like it for a ceiling fitting or table/floor fitting


Bespoke Designs